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Veron Biggar Scholarship Requirements, Aurora Historical Society

FROM: John Kudley, Director

Requirements for applying for the 2015 Veron Biggar Scholarship awarded by the Aurora Historical

The AHS archives are open for your use—please call or email for hours. Use three or more primary
sources in your submission. Please call or email Mr. John Kudley, Director at 330-995-3336; with any questions.

Please complete the attached form to accompany your submission.

The Aurora Historical Society currently has on display an exhibit that tells the story of Aurora’s growth from a small village to city status. During that period of time tremendous changes in all aspects of the community took place. Applicants may selected any era or topic of Aurora’s history, research that, construct a PowerPoint presentation. Suggested eras include W.W.I, W.W.II, 1950’s-60’s, 1970’s-80’s. Suggested topics include growth of housing developments, schools, business, churches, sports, etc.


Submissions will be evaluated on their originality, quality, accurateness, presentation, grammar, scholarship, and citations. Photographs, letters, diaries, and other documentation will help illustrate your story. The student’s submission judged, by a panel of AHS members, to be the best of all submissions will be awarded the scholarship. The student will receive the scholarship at the Aurora High School

Awards Program. All submissions become the sole property of the Aurora Historical Society and may
be used to promote the museum, Aurora history, as teaching tools, in advertisements, etc., and will be available for patrons and members to view.

While the scholarship will be awarded at the Aurora High School Academic Awards Program, the recipient will also be recognized at the May 21st of the scholarship will receive payment from the Aurora Historical Society upon proof of enrollment in the college or university of choice.

All submissions are due to the museum no later than April 10th meeting of the Aurora Historical Society. The recipient, 2015.

The Aurora Historical Society 2015 Scholarship Submission

Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________

♦ Title of Presentation: ___________________________________________

What college/university will you attend in the fall?




In what field of study to you plan major?




What is your goal in life?








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