Scholarship Requirements

Subject:  Veron Biggar Scholarship Requirements, Aurora Historical Society
From:  John Kudley, Director

Scholarship Requirements:  Complete the following:
Part I:  Fill out and return the “Applicant Application” along with the essay.
Part II:  Write an essay supporting the following premise:
“History and tradition play a critical role in the formation of a nation’s identity.”
    Essay Requirements:
Thesis Support:  Cite at least three specific examples from our Nation’s history and traditions.
Length:  minimum 1500 words
Documentation:  MLA or APA style may be used citing sources and listing the works used in the essay.

Application Deadline:  April 5, 2017

Scholarship Amount:  $1,000
         Note:  Scholarship is payable upon proof of enrollment in an institution of higher learning.

Questions: Contact Mr. John Kudley, Director at 330-995-3336; email:

Veron Biggar Scholarship – 2017
Applicant Information

Name:  ______________________________________________
Address:  _____________________________________________
Phone:  _______________________        Email:  ___________________________________
GPA:  _______________

What extracurricular and/or community activities have you been involved during your high school years?



What college/university do you plan to attend in the fall

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