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Any information of 60 Maple Lane in Aurora? I understand my house is landmarked, was curious of its history or background of the street. Thanks.

Andrew Lumpkins

In what year did Aurora form the Police Department?

We do not have any information. It would be better to contact the Solon Historical Society.

Judy Pettibone Skillicorn

Do you know the person or persons that Pettibone Road was named after? My maiden name is Pettibone and I have never been able to find information on the history of Pettibone Road and its early Pettibones.

I recently came upon a homeowners insurance policy for a John H. Avery dated July 3, 1925. The only address I can find is RFD 33 Aurora, OH. A house, silo, and 80 acres are covered under the $3,300 policy. Do you know anything about Mr. Avery?


Call John Kudley at the museum. Number is on the webpage.

We have a newspaper clipping about the club that once stood where the former Solon VFW hall was. It was on Pettibone Road by the railroad tracks.

As a child, my mom lived with her parents at Ms. Purgey’s Farm. Ms. Purgey lived upstairs and my mom and family lived downstairs in her house for years. This was probably around and in, the 1950’s. She owned well over 100 acres around her home. They lived on Chamberlain Road. She said it was a large white house with a wrap around porch. There was a couple of barns on the hill. The barn next to the house was turned into a church right next to them. We are trying to find information about that time period. What happened to Ms. Purgey? Are there any photos? Does her family still have the home and property? What was the address to the the home? and about anything else that we can find out about the area. My mom went to the High School nearby. Help please?

connie kuty

Could I get some information on the once ARROW GAMBLING CLUB the was near the sea world property in the 1930.s

We have a great deal of info on the area as well as oral histories from residents. And an archive of Listening Posts


You could share the info by photographing the document without flash or take it out of the frame and scan or photocopy it. Our director would enjoy talking to you why not call us sometime or leave him you phone number.

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