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Dale Schultz

History of the Geauga Lake area…… not the park but the community. I parents built a house on Moneta Ave before 1954 on land my great uncle gave them I think he bought the land from an Orchard Company. I would love to know more of the history of the area…. I went to school at a new Geauga Lake Lake School that was between Aurora Lake Road and East Blvd. Then later remember Geauga Lake merging with Aurora. I also worked at Aurora Lake when I was 12 ro 14 I worked for the George Brothers I would love to know more about Aurora Lake.

Marty Fallon

I am a descendant of many Aurora early settlers (Eldridge, Little, Lacey) and have spent years doing genealogy research.

I have a letter, written and postmarked in 1836, sent to Ralph Lacey, Aurora by his brother (D. Lacey). who had journeyed to “Tescas” territory. I have transcribed as much as I can decipher and have photographed the original. which is mounted between archival glass. so does not photograph well. I would like to share this information with you, but don’t know what format you’d like.

Jasper Lacey is documented in Aurora in the 1820 census, but I am having a hard time documenting the births of children after the 1802 birth of a daughter in Connecticut. Any trove of treasures you might have?

Martha (Marty) Eldridge Fallon

Jill Keppler

My Great Grandmother worked on a farm in Aurora Station, Ohio in the early 1900’s. I have a postcard showing her and some of the staff and she states that her mailing address is: J.M.C.A Farm, Aurora Station. Is this the same as today’s Aurora, and can you tell me anything about the farm

Holly Baker

I’m descended from Zeno Kent and Emily Granger>Julius Kent and Martha Bentley>Cornelia Kent and Samuel Webb. What is the origin of the name “Chagrin River”?

Also, do you know what religion the Kents were? I’ve read about the Bentleys and Disciples of Christ Church but found nothing on the Kents in that regard.

Many thanks. This is a wonderful service you provide.

Holly Baker


My, John Stitt, is supposed to have lived in Portage Co from 1834-1848 when he moved to Chesterfield Twp., Fulton Co. Ohio. I have a copy of a letter addressed to hi, at Aurora, Ohio, dated 1836. I can find no record of his living there? Where could I look?

Lillian Stitt DeHart

Hello! I am doing some research on genealogy for the Bissell family. I am currently interested in Ebeneezer Blodget Bissell who lived in your town most of his adult life. I found a picture of his daughter Mary and some information on his marriages and children. I was wondering if you had anything else on him? In your historical book (Aurora) it says he built a house which was standing at the time of publication, I wondered if it was still up today? And perhaps his profession?

Much obliged,
Lyndsi H

Cynthia Maynard

I have an old cheese box that says “La Belle Factory.” I discovered that Mr. Eldridge owned several cheese factories and labelled much of his cheese La Belle. Was there actually a La Belle Factory? When did it go out of business? Where can I find out more about it?

The Aurora Inn was part of the A.B. Smythe real estate development of the 1920s. Across 82 the Marios building was the Grey Hotel which dates from the 1800s. It was previously across 306 next to the Sutton Insurance Agency. It was moved to the current location also in the 1800s. The Aurora Inn site was used to pasture cattle on their way north to the ports on Lake Erie. The Grey Hotel building is old. We have photos of the Aurora Inn and a couple wi the the Grey Horel in he background

Hi there;

I am looking for any information or exterior photos of the original Aurora Inn where the current hotel and conference center (built after the fire in 1962) is located at 30 Shawnee Trail. I have heard it was originally a stagecoach stop built in the 1800s. any details would be appreciated
please email me with any information


Do you have any information about the people who lived on 1049 w garfield where the wetlands are currently standing? Any info about where the Wetlands are currently standing and/or anything about a house that stood at around 928 West garfield would be awesome to know. Thank you 🙂

I have not heard about this before. Could you send/post the photos? I would be great to tack this down.

Richard Kelly

Sume years back when I lived in Aurora (lived there 42 years) A coffin was filled with items about Aurora to be opened sometime in the future (50 years probably). No one in Aurora seems to know anything about it. It was buried in the cementary. I know I am not dreaming because I have some pictures. What can you tell me about it?

Do you have any information about the house where miller currently stands?

We are Aurora Ohio

I was looking for any information, especially an address for Hoarce and Rita Edmiston who lived in Aurora during the 1930s-40s. Their daughter Mary graduated from Aurora HS in 1940.

Thank You

Cynthia Price

Hello. My husband and I just moved into 990 Aurora-Hudson Rd. I am wondering if there is any information you may have pertaining to this home. From speaking with the neighbors, they believe that it is a carriage house for the “Old Farm” neighborhood. Any input would be much appreciated. Also, I would love if any one has any old photos or drawings of the farm, or our new home. It was sold with the understanding that it was built in 1920. Thank you for your time.

Mrs.Darnell Green (Garcia )

Some of my ancestors were from the E Aurora township, Charles Green Born 1867/ Father Davis Russell Green Born 1843/ Hattie Underhill (Green) born 1861 / Amos Underhill born 1832 / Mary Taber (Underhill) born 1832 / Bragg Families,

I would appreciate information on how to locate birth records,marriage records , land & military

I recently purchase books “150 years in Aurora, Town of Aurora, & Aurora revisited.

Am a dedicated researcher of our “Family and their history ” which all came from New York and the New England States…

Thank you for your assistance

Mrs. Darnell Green Garcia 832-814-4108 Tomball, Texas

I have a vintage Geauga Lake ticket… It does not say the year. Just curious if anyone can help me figure what year it’s from? Is there a way to post a photo to share?

Date that the house built where Miller is currently at was built?
What year did it get torn down?

Linda Russell

My Grandmother and several of her siblings are said to have been born in Geauga Lake. The time period is between 1887-1889. The next child is listed as being born in Aurora Township. After that the family moved to Chagrin Falls. Could you help me identify where this would be in today’s world? Geauga County? Portage County? Cuyahoga County? Thank you for your help!

Erick Palmer

Can anyone help my wife and I figure out the age of our home. It is at 101 New Hudson Road, and was sold as a 1965 build but we have found prints from the 1940’s and it looks like a picture of our home is on the cover of the A. B. Smythe Company you have for the Country Club/Highlands area. Any information would be great, we love the home but not knowing the history is killing us.

Thanks inadvance for all our help,
Erick Palmer

Can you give us any history on the old renovated barn at 990 Aurora-Hudson Road that is for sale? It seems like it’s a beautiful home full of character… just curious about the history.

Hello I am very interested in doing some arrowhead hunting along the aurora branch of the chagrin river. Can you tell me if this is a worthwhile time investment? And can you pinpoint any locations that may contain artifacts? Thank you very much, Kyle.

Bryan Treat Walton

Some years ago, a Mr. McFarland of the Portage County Historical Society wrote me that he would send me a copy of the speech that Harvey Baldwin, Jr. spoke upon his 50th year wedding anniversary celebration with Emily Carver Baldwin. It’s in the Linda Hamkin Collection. And he wrote that he would bill me at 25 cents or so per page. I have never heard from him.
I would very much like to know what my great-great-grandfather Harvey said upon his 50th wedding anniversary!
Can you help?

wrong Aurora

Dear Sir or Madam,
I’m doing research on a US Army Railroad that ran
between Lowry & Buckley bases during WW2. I haven’t been
able to learn much. Would you happen to have some information ? Or have a map of it’s route ? Likewise
there was a German POW camp at Buckley Field near the main
entrance on 6th Ave. My Engineer Battalion was rasked to
knock it down during the 1990’s. Would you happen to have
any info about the camp ? Thanks again for your help. It’s
very much appreciated.

thanks but we are Aurora OH. Not East Aurora NY

Brenda A Endl

I am in possession of a picture of the original Jewett East Aurora covered half mile track. Is this of any value? House is going into estate

Brenda A. Endl


We have a lot of homes that could fit your needs. Also the city building department has a inventory of old homes with built dates and descriptions. There’s also a youtube video of the historic district.

Billy Avalon

Hi. I am currently in a geography class at Miami University. I am doing a project where I have to recognize a building built in 1860 or before then, using our “field guide to American Houses.” I wanted to pick a building from my hometown of Aurora and wanted to know if there are any still standing in accordance to these dates, before I make the trip home to take pictures. If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

John A Sheldon

My Aunt recently passed away and in her belongings were records that indicated we are related to Ebenezer Sheldon of Aurora,Ohio who may have formerly been of Suffield Connecticut. Do you have any records showing the children of Ebenezer Sheldon? Of particular interest is Seth Alonzo Sheldon. It appears Ebenezer Sheldon was is his father or grandfather but we are not sure.

Also copies of any records or files of our relative would be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
John Ashley Sheldon, son of Raymond Ellsworth Sheldon, son of Ashley Ellsworth Sheldon, son of Curtis Edmond Sheldon, son of Seth Alonzo Sheldon, son of Ebenezer Sheldon of Aurora, Ohio. and the trail ends there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a nice project. Let us see what we can dig up. Maybe some of our members might have some info too.

Yes, it sure is

Thomas Janson

Hi again:

In reading this web site I noticed Moebius Nature Center. Is that named for Art Moebius who lived with his wife on Eldridge Road east of Hudson Road, near us?


Tom Janson

Thomas Janson


It said to leave a question below, and I only found this “leave a reply”. Sonia at the library suggest that I contact you with my question. My parents (and I) lived in Aurora from 1951 to 1966 at 180 New Hudson Road. Do you have a directory for those early years of 1951 to 1954? I am looking for the names of the people that bordered our west side. The house would have an Eldridge address and be the last house to the east on the south side of the street. The Walkers lived to our north, the Barketts and Canns lived to our south.

I am writing my autobiography for the benefit of my grandchildren and am trying to tell some stories about relations with my parents and their neighbors, but I can’t remember this one’s name. It was a husband and wife and the wife’s sister that lived in the house.


Thomas (Tom) Janson

We are sending you the property owners’ email by private message.

John Kinley

Do you have anything on the Jackson private cemetery off Rt. 306 near the Geauga line?
If so, let me know when you have summer hours and I will be in. Thank you

It was called Bainbridge Park and had other names also. It was built in the early ’20s. There was horse racing and betting. Conveniently the Geauga County sheriff was on vacation when it opened. It remained open. The Pettibone Club (later called the Arrow Club) was across the street where the present VFW hall is on Pettibone Rd. It was a gambling and slot machine speakeasy. Cab services brought out patrons from Cleveland.

We have more information about the racetrack and the betting that went on there. I’ll try to put it in online. You could buy a share of ownership of the horse. Law enforcement turned a blind eye to the gambling. It was also the location for car races and greyhound racing. The last name it used was Grandview Racetrack.

It’s now the location of Target and Home Depot.

can you tell me what horseracing park was next to geaugalake?

Um… this site is for Aurora Ohio

Jim Skinner

Hello, I cllect candy boxes and recently picked up one that is from the Mason Bros. Cracker and confectionary co. Aurora, Il. I cannot find any info on this Co. on the internet.
Thank’s, JIM

Pamela Brett

The last record I have of my ancestor Electa Clark Garfield is in the 1840 United States Federal Census in Aurora as 1 female 50-60 born 1780-1790. Her husband Caleb Chase Garfield remarried a widow from the of township of Suffield named Amanda Root (maiden name unknown) on 21 Feb 1848. Caleb is found in the 1850 Shalersville census with Amanda her two children from her previous marriage, Warren and Earl O Root; also in the household is Harriet Osborn age 10.

Caleb married 29 Aug 1854 a third wife Permelia (Millie) Bixby daughter of Elisha Bixby and Lucy Spafford, and widow of Alanson Morrison and later Simeon Hall. Caleb died intestate ca 1859 in Portage County, probably Streetsboro.

I have not been able to find the burial place for either Electa or Caleb Garfield in the cemetery records published by the Portage County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Do you have any other resources that can help me? Are there many cemeteries with unmarked or illegible gravestones where they might be buried in Aurora, Shalersville or Streetsboro?

Many thanks,
Pamela Brett in Berkeley, California

Annette udivich

Who was the first fire chief of Aurora? Also, do you know how many since then?
Thank you in advance,
Annette Udivich

dale guidroz

I’m performing a risk assessment on a building in Aurora, located at 59 East Garfield Road, constructed around 1828. I was told that this building served the underground railroad in the 1850s. Any information you can provide me on this facility is appreciated. My email address is Thank you.

Yes call the museum. Dick Fetzer lives in the Zeno Kent house.

I don’t think it pertains to the Aurora Ohio Historical Society.

Serena Leon


recently purchased a vintage china head doll Mary Abigail Fillmore Historical Society Edition that came with a paper that reads AURORA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Edition of the Year.

Is this by any chance the correct historical society and when were these dolls sold?

Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I can’t find any information on it.


Serena Leon
90 Central Street
Apt 2L
Hudson, MA 01749

Gary Kent

My ancestors Kent(Zeno and Anna) and Calkins(Hirem) were early residents of Aurora. Do you have any informaton about them? I am expecially interested in Anna Kent. Thank you.


Haven’t heard or seen of this. Is Aurora Ohio where you want? If yo send a scan we could perhaps identify it

Beckie Ferguson

I am in possession of a picture of William John Reid (1874-1943), our grandfather. He is sitting on the truck “Aurora” of which he built abt 1903-1909. We are wondering where this truck may be today,or if you have any information regarding this truck.
Thank You so Much, Beckie E Ferguson

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