Aurora Golf Club

We received these images from George Heisler and wanted to share them with you.

“If you find any other information about how the land was used before the Golf Course was built.
I feel most of the land was a dairy farm around the river and the high ground was either crop or
dairy farm.   The lay of the land around the river on Course would have main a great area to herd
dairy cows as you would need just a small amount of fencing. Portage County GIS tax records
only have an aerial photo as far back as 1937.

I feel if the land the holes for the Golf Course was covered with trees, they would have been cut down with a with a saw mill just downstream

and railroad station close by long before the idea to build a Golf Course was made.

If not the flood would have taken out a lot of trees in the flood plain of the river.

I wish the Club Members would have reused parts of the old cheese factory in the design of the new lobby with
comments about  the history of the original Club House.  I was not in town when the new club house was built.
I remember the old beams and walking around on the second floor of the club house.

I wish the old pro Stan my next door neighbor was still around as he could answer so many questions.
I never thought I would ever need them.

I am mad with the City for not keeping it a Golf Course and preserving the history, as I feel the Course made the City of Aurora what it is today.

Last, I have attached a couple of Plain Dealer articles sent to me about the golf course just in case you do not have them.”

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Brian Smith

In the early 1970s I delivered the Ravenna Record-Courier after school, and the golf pro Stan Kuznik was one of my subscribers. He was absolutely the kindest customer I had, and to this day I can hear him saying “thank you, kind sir.”

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