Aurora Study Club

We have records from The Aurora Study Club and it’s interesting to see their involvement in Aurora affairs


Aurora Study Club
2006.021  (page 4)   October 8, 1930
A resolution is read and approved that the state highway department take over Chilliothe Road from Aurora North to Euclid Avenue as part of the highway system.
The ASC will get into communication with the proper authority of the Erie Railroad to arrange for the safe-guarding of the grade crossing in Aurora.

2006.021 (page 4) January 14, 1931
Mr. Duggan proposed starting a newspaper in Aurora.

94.5.9(16) (page 6)  September 30, 1930
Money raised from the benefit bridge game to be used to continue work on the school grounds.
March 8, 1933—Mr. A. Donald Gray discussed “A Landscaper Architect’s Vision of Aurora.”

2008.038 (page 9)  From page 9 of the Kent Courier  October 23, 1938
Work has been started by this group (ASC) of beautifying the Township school grounds, aided by the board of education. Council paid for planting of the triangle and last year $30 for labor and $10 rental equipment Council wants to use some of ASC money to grade & seed the triangle

February 10, 1932—ASC planted a Washington Memorial Tree at the school grounds.

April 13, 1932 (page 12) –The executive committee had voted to support a community fund for Aurora.

March 8, 1933  (page 13)—Speaker Mr. Donald Gray, landscape architect, talks about “A Landscape Architect’s Vision of Aurora” with lantern slides—encourages reforestation of public highways.

February 13, 1935  (page 15)—The Mayor sent a request to ASC to urge all property owners to plant trees in the front of their properties—all the same kind of tree on each street.

February 12, 1936February 12, 1936  (page 16)—ASC raises money for the school cafeteria.

1929-1930  (page 23)—ASC erected bulletin board for community at the Post Office.

April 28, 1943  (page 37-38)—Margaret Reed made a plea to communities to plant trees and shrubs  which would be supplied by the State Conservatory force to supply food and refuge for birds.  The committee headed by Mrs. Krauss to further planting of trees and shrubs to beautify the village.  ASC donated $5 toward this.

May 12, 1943  (page 38)—The suggestion of a garden club is made for Aurora.

October 13, 1943  (page 39)—Tree project from January on hold–$5 donation returned.

March 22, 1944  (page 40)—A Committee is assigned to find people to plant trees.

October 18, 1950  (page 25)—ASC donated $100 to the library.

March 19, 1952  (page 27)—ASC donated $5 to the library.

January 21, 1953  (28)—ASC wanted to develop/sponsor a committee for a “Village Beautification Project” and it included Mayor Carton and Robert Stowe, President of the Men’s Club.

March 18, 1953  (page 28)—The Beautification Committee submitted bids for work on the triangle by the Inn, Pioneer Trail at Rt. #306 and Rt. #43, and the Memorial Park.

April 23, 1953  (page 29)—The Beautification Committee got $200 from the Village Council for clearing out and grading the triangle across from the Inn.  ASC gave $25 toward town beautification project.

December 16, 1953  (page 30)—ASC announced the designing of the landscaping at the Inn triangle by Henry Pree—subsequent planting by Bowers Nursery of Newberry (their bid was $100 lower than others).  Shrubs include honeysuckle, varieties of crab apple and viburnum with a Kosti Blue Spruce grated from Holland stock.  Workers will haul in one ton of earth and plant 200 narcissi bulbs to complete the project.

March 17, 1954  (page 31)—Speaker to ASC Henry Pree, Landscape Architect, discussed A.B.  Smythe who he called “the God Father of Aurora” who laid out he allotment for development.   Smythe had a sympathy for New England style of houses and plantings.  In presenting a plan for our community center involving the church, fire station and town hall, he suggested additional  space for parking, protecting of existing and additional trees, and control of the traffic safety drive by use of a single land exit drive.  New maples and oaks are a better choice than cottonwoods.  The adjacent to the side of the Church—he suggests a simple patio for social hour after church.  Sidewalks in front of all three buildings would connect with parking space  along Twinsburg Road and the street leading to highwar Rt. #43.

April 21, 1954  (page 31)–ASC gave $100 to Henry Pree for the Beautification fund.  They had $31.6 to go into the Beautification account from that meeting.

May 19, 1954  (page 32)—ASC send $311.50 to Davey Tree Surgeons for spraying Elm trees.
–The Aurora-Geauga Lake PTA had voted to engage Henry Pree at $350 to make a proposed  landscape design for the grounds of the Aurora local District School.

April 20, 1955  (page 34)—ASC has $109.74 in its Town Beautification Fund.  They have $274.50  for Elm Sprayaing.

January 18, 1956  (page 34)—The Beautification Committee news—ASC to vote to continue  spraying Elms.  Suggestion made that we do something about the weeds in vacant lots.

February 16, 1955  (pages 35-36)—Report from Beautification Committee—Money for  landscape architect Mr. Pree from the Drama Group play in 1954 and from the silver tea held in  May of 1954 and some treasury money.  Circa 1950s (need to double check) 2008.237.014 (14)  (page 36)  Due to the efforts of the Beautification Committee the Village Council for the first time budgeted $1000 to be used to trim, remove, spray and for extra maintenance of village grounds (1954)

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