Most of those lots were summer cottages. we have a lot on the area stop in sometime.

Not sure what you mean by old side. Most of the lake is owned by Cedar Faire , with a small portion owned by the GLIA a homeowners association and i think another piece by the Fairview owner’s Association.

I’m wondering if you guy’s know, but do you know who owns the old side of Geauga lake?

no, i have never seen one. No Sanford maps either

I don’t know if there’s any possible maps of possible outhouses in Aurora. If so, I would love to be contacted at the email I listed to post this comment.

we do have some real estate records from the area mainly tax info. Has anyone contacted you?

Dale Schultz

I was born in Aurora ( Geauga Lake Area) born in 1954 my Parents lived at 1160 Moneta Ave. The land my parent house was on was sold or given to them by my dad’s uncle Louis Schultz he a had another lot next to the one we lived on. I would like to find out more about how the land came to my great uncle and what other land he had. Also are there any old employee records Geauga Lake Park 1920’s and or any information about Aurora Lake Park (Later Aurora Shores)
Thanks Dale Schultz

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