Videos of Sea World Donated

We got an email several weeks ago about a collection of videos from Sea World and they arrived today. We will soon have them digitized and available for viewing.

Mike Rink wrote us–

I was an Aurora resident and year-round Sea World employee from 1996-2000… I was part of the video production team that covered each Shamu show. I have several dozen VHS tapes from those years, mostly program records of the Shamu show, but they would include 5-6 variations on the show (ShamuVision, World Focus, Summer Nights, etc.). Would you be interested in taking these as a donation? It is likely the largest collection of Orca video from the Aurora park. I left two weeks before Anheuser-Busch sold to Six Flags, and I don’t think much of what remained survived.

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Will these be converted to DVD? When can the general public be able to view these?