Deed House Progressing Nicely


As of November 1, the exterior work on the Deed House is shown here with Mark Horne and his crew posing for posterity.  The exterior looks to be even more complete as of November 4 most of the work looks to be almost done. Roof, paint, door and siding restoration are looking good.





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AHS donates books

On December 19 a contingent of Aurora Historical Society Board members made a donation of 400 copies of its signature title, Aurora: From the Founding to the Flood, to the fourth graders at Leighton Elementary. Each student received a copy of the book and each of the eight fourth grade classrooms received an additional set for future use.

Dee Ann Pochedley’s class enthusiastically welcomed John Kudley, Kathlyn Brown, Dick Fetzer, Michael Thal and Neil Klimko to join in the distribution. Dick, co-author of the volume, signed each student’s copy. The students were polite, appreciative and very bright. They also received an invitation to visit the Historical Society Museum.

One of the missions of the Aurora Historical Society is outreach to the community. There can be no better way to accomplish that goal than through engaging of our young people.

We hope that you will enjoy some glimpses of that endeavor.



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City visits City Exhibit

On December 1, most of our city government officials visited the new exhibit in the museum. Birth of a City traces the evolution of city government in Aurora Township. From the founding in 1799 to the present, Director John Kudley has assembled documents and has explained how Aurora became Aurora City.


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Saturday, Lincoln Discussion

We hope to see you at the free “Surgical Advancements during the Civil War”  presentation at 5pm on Saturday the 30th.

Dr. Peter D’Onofrio, Pete's CW Picture
President, Society of Civil War Surgeons

The Civil War was the first modern war and resulted in the highest number of U.S. casualties per capita of any of our wars as approximately 620,000 men perished, including 360,000 in the North and 260,000 in the South; 25 percent of those involved died. These casualties exceeded those of all other U.S. wars and affected nearly every family in the North and South. What is not often understood or appreciated now are the rapid advancements made in American medicine that were stimulated by this conflict. Dr. D’Onofrio’s PowerPoint illustrated presentation explains those advances and their impact on the subsequent development of American medicine.

Dr. D’Onofrio is President of the Society of Civil War Surgeons and editor of its quarterly publication, The Journal of Civil War Medicine. The specific goal of The Society of Civil War Surgeons is to promote, in both members as well as the general public, a deep and abiding appreciation for rich medical heritage of the American Civil War. To accomplish this, The Society will foster fellowship, provide a continuing forum for education and the exchange of information, and provide communications among people who have similar interests. The Society will also serve as a resource for those seeking authoritative information of Civil War medical and surgical practices.


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Lincoln Video

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Our thanks to Dennis Suchetka from Time Warner Cable 9 who filmed this segment at our exhibit.  It will be first shown on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. then for a week at noon and again at 7:00 p.m.

Free Lincoln Exhibit Open Feb 24 – April 5 | Mondays, 1-7pm | Tuesdays 11am-3pm, 5pm-7pm | Wednesdays 2-6pm |
Fridays 10am-2pm, 4pm-6pm | Saturdays 12pm-4pm

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AHS on facebook

If you are a facebook user add something to our new facebook page. The link is here

We will be adding content and building the site as we are able.

Come and  “Like” us.

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Lincoln Is Here – our schedule



The American Library Association Public Programs Office has chosen the Aurora Historical Society to host Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, a traveling exhibition developed by the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, and the American Library Association Public Programs Office, with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Calendar of Events

March 26—Aurora Memorial Library features “Aurora Cooks” & will feature recipes & cookware from the Civil War era. (Call AML 330-562-6502 for details) Free

March 30, 5pm—Dr. Peter D’Onofrio, President, Society of Civil War Surgeons will present “Medical Advancements in the Civil War.” This should be an enlightening discussion which will make us all appreciate the level of medical care & technology we enjoy today! Free. In the Aurora Community Theatre.

April 5—Closing Day of the exhibition.

Free Lincoln Exhibit Open Feb 24 – April 5 | Mondays, 1-7pm | Tuesdays 11am-3pm, 5pm-7pm | Wednesdays 2-6pm |
Fridays 10am-2pm, 4pm-6pm | Saturdays 12pm-4pm

If you are interested in this project, please contact Marcelle Wilson for volunteer activities, planning committee work, or sponsorship opportunities at 330-995-3336 or via email


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Members Enjoy Picnic

The Moebius Nature Center was once again the location for our annual picnic. Beautiful weather, good food and friends made for a wonderful day.
Here’s a few photos of the day.

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Students Visit Museum and Historic District







On Friday, June 15, 2012 Linda Poling, Teacher at New Adventures Early Learning and Child Development Center visited the museum with ten of her students.  The students, ages ranging from seven to eleven years, first took a walking tour of historic Maple Lane.  Our historian, Dick Fetzer led the tour and pointed out the interesting history of that lane and its original inhabitants and houses.  Dick pointed out that many of the homes on that street were moved there and not originally built there.  Aurora’s history of house moving is well known and the history of the homes on Maple Lane illustrate it.

After the walking tour, the children had lunch at the gazebo in front of the library.

B. Koglman led the children on an afternoon tour of the museum, pointing out the artifacts in cases and the especially popular telephone system and mailbox display from the post office.  The last part of the students’ visit was probably their most favorite.  The children played with reproduction historic toys donated last year by Ruth and Carol Guthrie.  These toys were made in Williamsburg and some can still be found in children’s toy boxes today.  One humorous comment overheard from one of the children, “these toys look boring.”  Later, after playing with many of them he stated, “gee, these are really fun.”

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2012 Veron Biggar Scholarship

Katie Clark Wins 2012 Veron Biggar Scholarship

The Aurora Historical Society is proud to announce that Katie Clark, an Aurora High School senior, is our 2012 scholarship winner.  Katie submitted a PowerPoint presentation on Abolition, one of the specified topics relating to our forth-coming exhibition Lincoln:  The Constitution and The Civil War.

Katie’s presentation, entitled Aurora in the Antebellum:  The Role of Aurora, Ohio in the Antebellum Abolition and Union Movements, explains why many Aurorans were hesitant to become supporters of the North’s role in the Civil War.  Katie notes that the Western Reserve, excluding Aurora, strongly supported the end of slavery and the notorious abolitionist John Brown came from nearby Hudson, Ohio.  Brown led his followers on a raid on the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1860 and historians often cite this event as being a catalyst to the start of the Civil War.

Historical Society Project

Katie cites several examples of how Aurora and its citizens transitioned from staunchly anti-abolitionist to pro-Union over the course of several months.  She mentioned the mob who chased a Hudson abolitionist out of church, referenced Plain Dealer articles commenting on Aurora’s support of the Democrat Party and its presidential candidates Douglas and Johnson.  She included the article which demonstrates Aurora change in political position when H. Hurd and Sons were seen to support America.  Unfortunately, these changes were not wide spread because the Plain Dealer stated that in May of 1861 “Nothing thus far has been done in that town, either in raising fighting men, or money to aid the cause.  An effort, however, has been made to organize a home guard, and even that failed.”

Katie believes that politics and pocketbooks were influential in how Aurorans behaved during the war.  The cheese barons in Aurora conducted a lucrative business with the south.  The town was also very rural and extremely supportive of the Democrat party.  These two considerations made the citizens of Aurora take a “more neutral stance on abolition and be less enthusiastic supporters of the Union during the early years of the Civil War.”

Katie’s use of primary and secondary documents as well as the quality of her PowerPoint presentation led AHS to choose her as their 2012 scholarship winner.  Members can view Katie’s PowerPoint presentation at our web site:

Katie will be attending The Ohio State University, Humanities Scholars Program. She appreciates the scholarship and will be using the money in a special way.

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