2011 Programming

by Marcelle Wilson

The Aurora Historical Society often teams up with members of the Aurora Memorial Library to provide programming for the community.  The library staff has planned many fine programs for this year and AHS will participate in five of them.

In February, AHS volunteers will be needed to help with a Girl Scout restoration badge.

From June 14 through July 19, the library holds its summer reading program.  AHS will need volunteers to open the museum on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and Wednesdays at 11:00 am so that readers and their parents can visit us before their library program starts.

On July 5th, AML is holding its Ice Cream Festival.  AHS will hold a scavenger hunt in the museum and donate money toward the cost of ice cream.  This event will also need volunteers to help out.

In October, the AML always holds a Halloween Party.  This year AHS hopes to put on a Cemetery Walk.  This walk will introduce some of Aurora’s deceased personalities to current residents and help describe what life was like in Aurora decades and even centuries ago.  This Cemetery Walk will only occur with the preparation and planning of dedicated volunteers who want to research various Aurora figures and prepare their stories as well as lead the walk.  This walk is designed to be educational not scary, and thus is a family friendly event.  AHS will also provide a PowerPoint presentation of the walk for those unable to attend it or in the event of its cancelation due to inclement weather.

The last program of the year occurs in November with Santa’s arrival in the library.  AHS has been involved with this for many years now, lending its lobby for use by Santa and Mrs. Clause as they pose for pictures with local children.  This year we hope to expand our participation to include museum tours and a child-friendly activity held in our library.

Once again, the success of this, and all of the aforementioned programs, is dependent on members of AHS volunteering to plan and staff these programs.  Our desire is show case the museum and attract visitors as well as new members.  To achieve that goal, we need to get more people into the museum, which is often referred to as “Aurora’s best kept secret,” and show them why they should be concerned with preserving Aurora’s history and becoming active members of the society.  If you and a few friends would like to volunteer to help create a program or open and staff the museum, please call B. Koglman or Marcelle Wilson.  You can be involved in one event or several, whatever fits into your schedule.  You will be rewarded with the excitement and enthusiasm that local children and their parents exhibit at the new and interesting artifacts on display and fun events planned for their enjoyment.

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Betsy Tomasko

I see that on one Tues. each month the Twinsburg Historical Society has a small display at their Bob Evans on Rt 82 and there is a handout by members to patrons of Bob Evans that offers 15% of the sales to Twinsburg Historical Society if the flyer is presented at time of check-out. It is from 6 am – 10 pm one Tues a month. Can you do this with our Bob Evans in Marketplace 4 Corners? Just a thought.
Thanks for your continued efforts to show us where we came from in our area.