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The Museum has a permanent exhibit that traces the history of Aurora.  Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:00 – 4:00 or by appointment. For an appointment call Marcelle Wilson at 330-995-3336 or email

Past Exhibits

Selling the War: The Art of Propaganda

World War II began in Eurorpe and raged on for several years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This unprovoked attack brought the United States into the war on the side of the Allies. The federal government promoted the war and needed to get the American public to support it thro9ugh their investment in war bonds, war work, and rationing. To do this, they produced posters, newsreels, stories, and radio messages with patriotic messages. To many historians, this constituted propaganda. The government promoted its agenda throughout the country and there was little room or appetite for any opposite opinions. Whether or not you consider this tactic propaganda, it was a way for Americans to unite for the common cause and support the war effort and the soldiers on the battlefield.

The exhibition looks at war time magazines, ads, newspapers, posters, and political/editorial cartoons and analyzes their content. It is your job to look at their critically and determine if they contain propaganda or are just promoting patriotism. Look at words, phrases, colors, and images to help you decide what is propaganda and what is patriotism.

To the right is a political cartoon drawn by Aurora, Ohio cartoonist James H. Donahey. It helps us see how some Americans felt about the war and how Donahey used his talent to sway public opinion in favor of the war.

Jean Lau Doll Collection on Loan from her family

October 2006 – September 2007

This exhibit is located in the area where the cheesemaking exhibit now resides. It is an extensive collection of dolls that have been loaned to the Historical Society by Jean Lau’s family. Look for links to related websites, a bibliography, and suggested reading list within the near future.

This exhibit ended in September of 2007.

Community Collector Exhibit

The Community Collector is a program which enables members of the Aurora Historical Society as well as residents and interested people to share their collections with the historical society, its patrons, and the public. People volunteer to loan their collections for a period of two months. The collections are displayed in the museum and accompaning information is provided. This has been a very popular program.

Button Collection on Display at AHS

The Community Collector’s exhibit for September and October is from the Aurora Historical Society’s own collection. It is the Rita Grove Button Collection and it is simply wonderful! The exhibit features over one thousand buttons made of an assortment of materials, such as brass, plastic, mother of pearl, black onyx, turquoise, garnet, glass, bone, etc. The buttons come in diverse shapes—not simply the round or square designs that we are most familiar with and represent a wide array of themes and ideas. The buttons are assembled into thematic groups. The transportation buttons feature men on horseback, antique cars, trolleys, bicycles, a chariot, sleigh, train, camel, ships, a row bow and train. Historic images feature Thor with his helmet and hammer, Neptune, Napoleon, a minute man and Paul Revere. The collection of “Guffies” have penguins, dogs and cats, soup cans, footballs, playing cards and much, much more! There are buttons with images of the oldest house in Maine, ruins of Egypt, the Eiffel tower, cameo designs and silhouettes, and other various scenes and images. One set of buttons were designed Kate Greenway, a nineteenth century artist, perhaps best known for her children’s book illustrations and Valentine cards. Button collecting is a popular hobby that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The buttons in this collection are fun, artistic, and as colorful as a jar full of marbles. They come from the 1800s up through the 1950s and will delight the young and old alike. The display will be up in the Aurora Historical Society’s museum from now through the end of October. Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 or by appointment, 330-995-3336. Be sure to stop by and see the exhibit!!!

If you have a collection that you would like to display at the museum, please call and let us know! 330-995-3336

Lillian Papp’s Nut Crackers–October – November 2007.

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