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Derek … the county tax auditor has aerial maps on their property web site going back each decade (roughly) until about 1940. Probably won’t help much, but could be of some interest.

It was on Mennonite Rd, east of Rt 43. It is vacant. It was supposed to be a condo development a few years ago but nothing has been built.

Rick Marshall

I attended Weehawken Day camp back in the 1960’s and wonder exactly where it was located. What is there now?

There is a cemetery down the 306 hill near the river. It is on the Jackson farm property and has graves from that family. The Benson family lives there and does allow visitors to the cemetery, call and sk them.

i was told a few years back that there is a burial ground on the corner of treat and 306—the old demmick property


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We just moved into 82 Eldridge in April. From the real estate transfer, it had our house being build in 1901. We found out that our house was actually a converted barn. The barn was actually for the house behind us that is on 306.

Is there any other known history (good, bad, or otherwise) about our house at 82 Eldridge? Do you have any old pictures of our house?



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