Students Visit Museum and Historic District







On Friday, June 15, 2012 Linda Poling, Teacher at New Adventures Early Learning and Child Development Center visited the museum with ten of her students.  The students, ages ranging from seven to eleven years, first took a walking tour of historic Maple Lane.  Our historian, Dick Fetzer led the tour and pointed out the interesting history of that lane and its original inhabitants and houses.  Dick pointed out that many of the homes on that street were moved there and not originally built there.  Aurora’s history of house moving is well known and the history of the homes on Maple Lane illustrate it.

After the walking tour, the children had lunch at the gazebo in front of the library.

B. Koglman led the children on an afternoon tour of the museum, pointing out the artifacts in cases and the especially popular telephone system and mailbox display from the post office.  The last part of the students’ visit was probably their most favorite.  The children played with reproduction historic toys donated last year by Ruth and Carol Guthrie.  These toys were made in Williamsburg and some can still be found in children’s toy boxes today.  One humorous comment overheard from one of the children, “these toys look boring.”  Later, after playing with many of them he stated, “gee, these are really fun.”