Museum Closed for Refurbishing

Our storage room has had water infiltration from a faulty air conditioning system. To abate the mold we have had to empty that room and move our collection to table tops in our museum and other display spaces. Most of the items were undamaged by water but everything was affected by mold growth resulting from the water. Conservators from the Intermuseum Conservation Association and our volunteers cleaned every item you see here and more by hand to eliminate mold.

We expect the construction to be finished by mid-September and we will reopen the museum and archives shortly after that. Thank you and hope you will visit or volunteer with us.



We have a collection of the original brochures and street layouts and designs from the 1920-30s

The A.B. Smythe Company designed the development as a commuter village similar to Shaker Hts. You could take the train downtown to work. In addition to the golf course, Aurora Inn, the original plan included a much larger vision for the area. New Hudson Rd was to connect to Aurora-Hudson Rd. at Route 43, The Highlands area would have been built with curving boulevards. During the depression most of the lots went unsold and i believe the company went out of business. It evolved into the Smythe-Cramer realtors.

Due to a flood and mold remediation in the basement of the library, we are closed and our archives have been moved. I am not sure where the A.B. Smythe files are.

jeff clark


Can you tell me where I could find a city of Aurora map from around 1940? I live on Shawnee Trail. The city recently cut down an ash tree on the street. It was 64 years old. It made me wonder when the the street was laid out originally.

Thanks for your help.


John Kropp