Thank you

Our heartfelt thanks to our bravo volunteers who helped to make the Antiques Appraisal Fair, Consignment Shop, and Café a tremendous success.
The spirit of community and collegiality could not have been greater on Saturday; all to the benefit of the Aurora Historical Society.

So to all of you; from parking attendants to pie bakers, to guides and kitchen helpers….hurrah!!!

Diane, Kathlyn, Ruth, Marianne, and Ray

Don Arbuckle, Jean Arbuckle, Ann Womer Benjamin, David Benjamin, Sheila Best, Earl Biederman, Byron Brown, Diane Brubaker, Sue Cameron, Barbara Cassidy, Jeff Clark,, Jim Clarke, Winnie Croft, Nicole Dureiko, Brenda Eakin, Dick Fetzer, Pat Fitzgerald, Karen Gajewski, Suzanne Gloden, Marge Godale, Jim Gosser, Mary Gosser, Peter Gugliota, Terry Gugliota, Jim Hickey, Mary Hickey, Sarah Hillyer, Andrew Hohenfeld, Tim Holder, Lynn Hubach, David James, Donna Jobin, Ray Jobin, Milka Kalta, Neil Klimko, B Koglman, Barb Kudley, John Kudley, Esther Leach, Barbara Lebit, Mary Ann Lepp, Gary Lockmiller, Bob Luckay, Bob Mason, Donna Mattmuller, Toni Mazzotta, Doug McCracken, Elaine McCracken, Craig Moore, Dale Moravec, Dick Oberle, Christine Patronik-Holder, Tina Petrick, Russell Post, Sandy Post, K. G. Previte, Joanne Rose, Sheila Rogers, Dotty Sasalal, Amy Scott, Ron Silverman, Dan Smalley, Jo Smalley, Patty Smith, Stella Smith, Sue Sutton, Michael Thal, Winnie Tucker, Bob Walter, Karen Walter, Rita Williams, Jean Wilson, Judi Wilson, Marcelle Wilson, Betsy Wolschleger, Ralph …

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Jason Coleman

I am so happy to hear that the Antiques Appraisal Fair was such a success!! I wish I could have attended but prior engagements had me out of town. I knew many people who attended and they said nothing but great things about the program, atmosphere and people. Congrats and thanks to all who made it possible!!