1860s Letters

From the Director,

There are times when I am researching or transcribing things that really hit a button of excitement.   Early this year Dick Fetzer gave me several letters that he had.  It appears that they were written by a young lady named Libbie and were sent to her aunt (last name Haymaker) who […]

Upcoming Dinner Meeting

Save the Date:

Aurora Historical Society Annual Meeting: Thursday, November 15, 6:00 p.m.

Bertram Inn, Paws’ Cub House

Speaker: Thomas Eakin, Founder and President, Ohio for History “Touching All the Bases”

Details and reservation from to follow via mail.

Videos of Sea World Donated

We got an email several weeks ago about a collection of videos from Sea World and they arrived today. We will soon have them digitized and available for viewing.

Mike Rink wrote us–

I was an Aurora resident and year-round Sea World employee from 1996-2000… I was part of the video production team that […]

Our Collection Grows-Thank you

The Aurora Historical Society extends its appreciation to the following people for recent donations.

Thomas Eakin—Monetary Donation

Diana Kriedman & All Members of the James A. Garfield Order of the Eastern Star –Eighteen Volumes of the Order of the Eastern Stars (Aurora Lady Masons) 1926-2007

Sarah Freeman—Large color copy of A.B. Smythe Company’s development […]

Save the Date– Antiques Appraisal Fair

The Aurora Historical Society will host an Antiques Appraisal Fair, Consignment Shop & Cafe on Saturday, October 13, from 10 am to 3 pm in the library gallery and Aurora Historical Society Museum.  Details:

-Appraisals will be conducted of collectibles by knowledgeable dealers. -Antique items will be available for purchase. -Delicious home-made soups, sandwiches […]

Marcelle visits KSU Museum

My intern Natasha Davis-Harris and I visited the Kent State University Museum, more popularly known as the Fashion Museum.  The trip was designed to show Natasha how other museums store, display, and exhibit their artifacts as well as confirm that we, at the Aurora Historical Society, were properly caring for our costumes and material artifacts.  Joann Fenn, Assistant Professor and Collections Manager/Museum Registrar directed our tour.  Continue reading Marcelle visits KSU Museum

Storeroom Status

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We are slowly re-organizing and re-indexing all items that were moved from the storage room during the flooding. Here are some photos of the room with the new shelving and organizational floor plan. All items are being entered into our Past Perfect Software catalog as we go.

Refurbishing Almost Complete

Refurbishing the storage room and other areas of the basement is almost complete. Mold damage was remediated by removing the lower 4 ft of drywall. A backup sump system and a waterproofing system was also installed by the city. In these photos you can see the mold damage and the extensive plastic sheeting containment […]