Every Friday for the next 6 weeks we will post a different collage of Aurora photographs. From a series that was produced for The Atrium of Aurora, where larger versions hang on the entry wall.

Aurora Ohio

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City visits City Exhibit

On December 1, most of our city government officials visited the new exhibit in the museum. Birth of a City traces the evolution of city government in Aurora Township. From the founding in 1799 to the present, Director John Kudley has assembled documents and has explained how Aurora became Aurora City.

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Memorial Day Display Case

Donna Mattmuller did a fine job putting together the display in the library front hall using photos and items from the archives. A Ladies Auxiliary project.


Geauga Lake Park Opens Again


The Aurora Historical Society is proud to present its new exhibition on Geauga Lake Park. It features photographs of the park that are nearly 100 years old, as well as information, photographs, and artifacts about the rides, employees, and souvenirs.  The examples come from the AHS’s artifact collection, loan from […]