Aurora Historical Merchandise


These items are available at the Aurora Historical Society, contact us by email to set up a visit. Additionally some are sold at Chet Edwards, UPS Jp Smalley at:   dsmalley  {at}  roadrunner  {dot}  com

Single Note Card                                                 $1

Boxed Aurora Note Cards                                $7 for 16 Cards

Gazebo Note Cards                                            $5 for 10 Cards

Gazebo Matted Print                                         $7.50


Aurora: From the Founding To the Flood, 1799-1913

Images of Aurora                                                   $19.99

Aurora Means Dawn                                            $12

Aurora Story                                                           $2

Aurora Atlas 1874-1978                                        $5

Tastes of Aurora: Favorite Recipes from the past And from today

Green Coverlet                                                     $40

ORNAMENTS                                                       $15 each

Church of Aurora, Bicentennial Ornament   New

Geauga Lake Big Dipper

Willard Cottage

Howard House


Aurora Sampler                                                        $5

Aurora Historical Houses                                      $3

Printed Sampler                                                       $1

Yarn Cross Stitch                                                     $2

Geauga Lake Post Cards    New $12 for 15 cards

Silver Frame                                                           $3

Misc. T-Shirts $12

7 comments to Aurora Historical Merchandise

  • We are a bit behind on the second volume. We publish a newsletter once or twice a year and are using emails and this website to communicate. Thanks for your interest.

  • Bryan Treat Walton

    Aurora: From the Founding To the Flood, 1799-1913
    Is this Dick Fetzer’s book in 2 volumes? I have a flyer that states “the first volume will be out in early 1999, and the second to become available the following year.”

    Also is “The Aurora Pioneer” no longer being published?

  • Toni

    Are there any trays left? I purchased one several years ago from the PostNet store – it has dark green trim and pictures the gazebo and the Church in Aurora and the back has a printed history of Aurora. The artist’s signature on the front is “M. Boysen”. Thank you.

  • Toni

    Can these items be seen at your museum?

  • admin

    Yes you can. It’s best to call first the phone # is on the front page

  • Rose Vaccariello

    I wish to purchase “Aurora from the founding to the flood”.Can I stop in and purchase one during your afternoon opening hours??

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