Aurora Historical Merchandise


These items are available at the Aurora Historical Society, contact us by email to set up a visit. Additionally some are sold at Chet Edwards, UPS Jp Smalley at:   dsmalley  {at}  roadrunner  {dot}  com

Single Note Card                                                 $1

Boxed Aurora Note Cards                                $7 for 16 Cards

Gazebo Note Cards                                            $5 for 10 Cards

Gazebo Matted Print                                         $7.50


Aurora: From the Founding To the Flood, 1799-1913

Images of Aurora                                                   $19.99

Aurora Means Dawn                                            $12

Aurora Story                                                           $2

Aurora Atlas 1874-1978                                        $5

Tastes of Aurora: Favorite Recipes from the past And from today

Green Coverlet                                                     $40

ORNAMENTS                                                       $15 each

Church of Aurora, Bicentennial Ornament   New

Geauga Lake Big Dipper

Willard Cottage

Howard House


Aurora Sampler                                                        $5

Aurora Historical Houses                                      $3

Printed Sampler                                                       $1

Yarn Cross Stitch                                                     $2

Geauga Lake Post Cards    New $12 for 15 cards

Silver Frame                                                           $3

Misc. T-Shirts $12


We are a bit behind on the second volume. We publish a newsletter once or twice a year and are using emails and this website to communicate. Thanks for your interest.

Bryan Treat Walton

Aurora: From the Founding To the Flood, 1799-1913
Is this Dick Fetzer’s book in 2 volumes? I have a flyer that states “the first volume will be out in early 1999, and the second to become available the following year.”

Also is “The Aurora Pioneer” no longer being published?

call us

Are there any trays left? I purchased one several years ago from the PostNet store – it has dark green trim and pictures the gazebo and the Church in Aurora and the back has a printed history of Aurora. The artist’s signature on the front is “M. Boysen”. Thank you.

Can these items be seen at your museum?

Yes you can. It’s best to call first the phone # is on the front page

Rose Vaccariello

I wish to purchase “Aurora from the founding to the flood”.Can I stop in and purchase one during your afternoon opening hours??

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