Geauga Lake Park Opens Again


The Aurora Historical Society is proud to present its new exhibition on Geauga Lake Park. It features photographs of the park that are nearly 100 years old, as well as information, photographs, and artifacts about the rides, employees, and souvenirs.  The examples come from the AHS’s artifact collection, loan from Jeff Clark,  Jean Rumbold, and other generous donors from the local area.  The exhibition showcases the rich history of Geauga Lake Park and allows the viewer to relive their favorite memories of the park.

There are areas of key interest to this exhibit.  One particular subject of interest would be the rides. This portion presents all of the rides found in Geauga Lake Park from its inception, until it closed its doors in 2007. The viewer will see the rides broken down into specific sections based on the type of ride. For example, the Old-Time Favorites section includes classic Geauga Lake rides like the Merry Old Mobiles, Rocket Ships, and the Carousel.  Another section of the exhibit that is sure to draw a lot of attention is the Caricatures. Given to the AHS by Cedar Fair once the park closed, these drawings were seen on display daily at the park. AHS is now the proud owner of over a hundred of these drawings and is excited to display them for our visitors.

We encourage visitors to stop by and share their favorite memories of the park, whether it was riding the Big Dipper for the first time or spending quality time with your family. The person who tells the best memory will be given one of our Geauga Lake Park ornaments as a gift. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Geauga Lake Park Exhibition will be up until September 2012.  The museum is open to the public every Monday and Wednesday from 2-4 pm or by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Group tours are always welcome.

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