Mystery Solved

The mystery has been solved. The anonymous donor of the box of materials on the Harmons is known.  We knew the package was shipped from Florida and the billing at the UPS store had a C Harris on the receipt.

After some sleuthing, I called Bob Harris (Toni) no relation to the Harris’s, he had graduated with and was still good friends with Jim Doubrava who lives in Gates Mills.  Bob contacted Jim and got the phone number for his sister, Jean.  John Kudley talked to Jean, she had no idea that her husband Chuck  shipped the box without a note inside.  And Chuck wasn’t aware that he had not put a letter in the box either. 

The package was shipped from Melbourne, Florida by Chuck Harris and Jean Doubrava Harris  she is a descendant of the Harmon’s and Baldwins and had grown up in the brick house at 60 E. Pioneer.  Her family had built the house in 1826 and the Baldwins had moved to the Western Reserve in 1809.The Baldwins owned a 5 acre square, from Chillicothe Rd. east to the river.

Needless to say the mystery is solved.  Jean also indicated that they have a lot more if we were interested in the “stuff.”  They will be shipping more in the future. We will keep you posted!  

-John Kudley