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Smithsonian Exhibit Coming

Smithsonian Exhibition Tells Uniquely American Journey Stories:
The American story is a patchwork of many; its complex fabric woven over time from the voyages of people—voluntary and involuntary—who traveled across the continent, state-to-state and around the world, to build new lives and new legacies. How did we get here, exactly? This question is tackled in “Journey Stories.”

It explores the history of American travel, from immigration to migration, the role of innovation and myriad transportation modes, and the search for freedom. The new exhibit is the latest from Museum on Main Street, a partnership of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and state humanities councils.

Using a wide range of engaging visuals, audio clips, music, maps and artifacts, “Journey Stories” brings to life the personal paths of immigrants, slaves, explorers, business tycoons and historical figures whose travels have led from the Mayflower to the Golden State. The American story is unique; shaped by innovation in transportation, the personal will of many desperately desiring freedom, and others denied freedom’s promise. “Journey Stories” showcases America’s history of travel and transportation and helps us to understand the connection of our ancestors to geography, historical events and the development of new modes of transportation.

The Aurora Historical Society invites you to join in this exploration of history with the following
events at the Aurora Memorial Library Building at 115 East Pioneer Trail:

March 13 – “Journey Stories” Grand Opening with Mark Twain Re-enactor
Aurora Community Theatre and Aurora Historical Society Museum
6:30 Aurora Historical Society Members and Guests Only $5 Per Person
Reservations Requested

March 16 – “Journey Stories” Open
House Free and open to the public
Aurora Historical Society Museum
Noon – 4:00

March 29 – “Journey Stories” American Girl Doll Tea
Aurora Historical Society Museum
1:00 – 3:00 $5 Per Person
Space limited; Reservations Required  Get form here

“Journey Stories” Exhibition, March 14 – April 5, 2014
Free and open to the public

Aurora Historical Society Museum
Museum Hours: Monday 11-5; Tuesday 3-7; Wednesday 11-5; Friday 10-2; Saturday 11-4
For further information please  call Dr. Marcelle Wilson at 330-995-3336.

Thank you

Our heartfelt thanks to our bravo volunteers who helped to make the Antiques Appraisal Fair, Consignment Shop, and Café a tremendous success.
The spirit of community and collegiality could not have been greater on Saturday; all to the benefit of the Aurora Historical Society.

So to all of you; from parking attendants to pie bakers, to guides and kitchen helpers….hurrah!!!

Diane, Kathlyn, Ruth, Marianne, and Ray

Don Arbuckle, Jean Arbuckle, Ann Womer Benjamin, David Benjamin, Sheila Best, Earl Biederman, Byron Brown, Diane Brubaker, Sue Cameron, Barbara Cassidy, Jeff Clark,, Jim Clarke, Winnie Croft, Nicole Dureiko, Brenda Eakin, Dick Fetzer, Pat Fitzgerald, Karen Gajewski, Suzanne Gloden, Marge Godale, Jim Gosser, Mary Gosser, Peter Gugliota, Terry Gugliota, Jim Hickey, Mary Hickey, Sarah Hillyer, Andrew Hohenfeld, Tim Holder, Lynn Hubach, David James, Donna Jobin, Ray Jobin, Milka Kalta, Neil Klimko, B Koglman, Barb Kudley, John Kudley, Esther Leach, Barbara Lebit, Mary Ann Lepp, Gary Lockmiller, Bob Luckay, Bob Mason, Donna Mattmuller, Toni Mazzotta, Doug McCracken, Elaine McCracken, Craig Moore, Dale Moravec, Dick Oberle, Christine Patronik-Holder, Tina Petrick, Russell Post, Sandy Post, K. G. Previte, Joanne Rose, Sheila Rogers, Dotty Sasalal, Amy Scott, Ron Silverman, Dan Smalley, Jo Smalley, Patty Smith, Stella Smith, Sue Sutton, Michael Thal, Winnie Tucker, Bob Walter, Karen Walter, Rita Williams, Jean Wilson, Judi Wilson, Marcelle Wilson, Betsy Wolschleger, Ralph …

Know about the Grindstone?

We have a heavy millstone in our collection with a tag from an anonymous donor.















We were contacted by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Joe Hannibal of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History stopped by and assessed our mill stone.  Our mill stone is French buhr, a type of chert (“flint”) found in the Paris Basin (a geological area around Paris).  The stone has fossil charophytes in it that show it is the French stone.  Such stone was widely used in the United States in the 1800s for millstones.  A great amount was imported from France.

Does anyone know anything about this stone?

Memorial Day Display Case

Donna Mattmuller did a fine job putting together the display in the library front hall using photos and items from the archives. A Ladies Auxiliary project.



Saturday, Lincoln Discussion

We hope to see you at the free “Surgical Advancements during the Civil War”  presentation at 5pm on Saturday the 30th.

Dr. Peter D’Onofrio, Pete's CW Picture
President, Society of Civil War Surgeons

The Civil War was the first modern war and resulted in the highest number of U.S. casualties per capita of any of our wars as approximately 620,000 men perished, including 360,000 in the North and 260,000 in the South; 25 percent of those involved died. These casualties exceeded those of all other U.S. wars and affected nearly every family in the North and South. What is not often understood or appreciated now are the rapid advancements made in American medicine that were stimulated by this conflict. Dr. D’Onofrio’s PowerPoint illustrated presentation explains those advances and their impact on the subsequent development of American medicine.

Dr. D’Onofrio is President of the Society of Civil War Surgeons and editor of its quarterly publication, The Journal of Civil War Medicine. The specific goal of The Society of Civil War Surgeons is to promote, in both members as well as the general public, a deep and abiding appreciation for rich medical heritage of the American Civil War. To accomplish this, The Society will foster fellowship, provide a continuing forum for education and the exchange of information, and provide communications among people who have similar interests. The Society will also serve as a resource for those seeking authoritative information of Civil War medical and surgical practices.


Lincoln Video

Our thanks to Dennis Suchetka from Time Warner Cable 9 who filmed this segment at our exhibit.  It will be first shown on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. then for a week at noon and again at 7:00 p.m.

Free Lincoln Exhibit Open Feb 24 – April 5 | Mondays, 1-7pm | Tuesdays 11am-3pm, 5pm-7pm | Wednesdays 2-6pm |
Fridays 10am-2pm, 4pm-6pm | Saturdays 12pm-4pm

Lincoln Gala Photos online

We now have some photos of the Lincoln Gala posted here. Here are the rest.

Exhibit on Cable 9

Dennis Suchetka from Time Warner Cable 9 filmed a segment at our exhibit.  It will be first shown on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. then for a week at noon and again at 7:00 p.m.


Free Lincoln Exhibit Open Feb 24 – April 5 | Mondays, 1-7pm | Tuesdays 11am-3pm, 5pm-7pm | Wednesdays 2-6pm |
Fridays 10am-2pm, 4pm-6pm | Saturdays 12pm-4pm

Last Call for Memberships

A friendly reminder! We are past the deadline for membership renewals.
If you want to be listed in the membership directory, send in your dues form ASAP or call Carol Jo Maroney at 330-562-1339 or email her here


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